Let’s explore new skills and career possibilities

What is Skill-Ex?

SkillEx is an online tool which helps you plan and achieve your career goals with our unique Artificial Intelligence based training recommendations.

What do we Offer?

A video game skill tree based training recommender

With Skill-Ex, You can!

Are you trying to figure out the right career entry?

  • Explore career possibilities for your existing skill set
  • Identify the optimal skills and the corresponding trainings which will land you on your dream job

Our Team

Balaji photo


Balaji, while an astronomer by background, has had over 2 years of work experience in the German HR-Tech Industry as a Data Scientist, building AI/ML solutions for recruitment firms in Germany. With entrepreneurship in his being, he is also involved in a commercial astronomy startup based in Athens, Greece.

Member of AWS EdStart accelerator (Innovator tier)

E-Summit IIT Roorkee Finalist

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